Is speed the same thing as rate?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is speed the same thing as rate?
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What is the relationship between the speed of a reaction and the rate of products forming?

It is same thing but speed of reaction also can be measured by rate if disappearance of reactants.

Why do you measure bowler's throwing ball as speed but not velocity?

Speed and Velocity are the same thing, it is a measure of rate of change of position of an object.

Difference with speed and velocity?

Speed rate of change on position (meter per second{m/s}) Velocity speed with direction

Is acceleration the same as speed?

Acceleration is the rate that speed changes.

Is acceleration the same thing as speed?


How do you find the speed of a object?

Speed is an absolute unchanging linear distance crossed per unit time. Speed is not the same thing as velocity, and an object cannot exhibit a "rate of speed" since rate is velocity. Speed is determined by measuring the distance traversed over a specific unit of time. Since the object almost always is not at a constant speed, we are really estimating the average speed.

What does speed refer to?

Speed is equivalent to distance over time. It refers to the rate of movement of a person or a thing.

Is speed the same thing as time?

No. Speed and time are different things.

How do you get the avrage speed?

d/t=s d = distance t = time s = speed the speed is actually going to be the average speed because they are practically the same thing (and for this equation speed is the exact same thing as average speed)

What is the pulse rate of a sprint?

There is no such thing. The pulse rate of someone who is sprinting depends on the phsysical condition and speed of the sprint.

How do you converion baud rate to symbol rate?

baud rate = symbol rate= modulation rate all the same thing

Which two of these means the same thing energy wattage rate at which charge flows voltage drift speed electric potential difference?

'Voltage' and 'electric potential difference' are the same thing. None of the others is like anything else, and they don't belong.