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Squaring a negative number is a positive answer.

-a X -a (+)a^2

Remember the table for multiplying negative/positive numbers.

  • X + = +

  • X - = -

  • X + = -

  • X - = +

If no sign is given , readf it as positive(+)/.

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Q: Is squaring a negative number a negative number?
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When squaring a negative number if the factor is a negative and the exponent is positive will your answer be negative or positive?

If you square any real number it will always be positive.

When you are squaring a negative number does it make a difference if the negative number is in parentheses?

Yes on some calculators it will make a difference.

What about if negative 2 is in the bracket and the squared is outside the bracket?

Then the answer becomes 4, the fact that you are squaring a negative number makes the result positive.

What increase faster doubling a number or squaring?

Squaring. Doubling is only multiplying a number by 2, whereas, squaring is multiplying a number by itself :)

Can an F Test be negative?

No The test statistic F-Test is a sum of squares, which by definition of squaring a number it must be positive.

What is it called when raising a number to the second power?

Taking a number to the second power is known as "squaring" the number.

Why does negative 2 squared equal negative 4?

Because negating a positive number gives a negative number, and squaring any number is always positive. 22 = 4 → -(22) = -(4) = -4. But note: (-2)2 = 4 ≠ -4. It is very important that when giving your question you are clear to where the negative is attached.

What r you doing when you square a number?

Squaring a number means multiplying it by itself. For example, squaring the number 5 means multiplying 5 x 5.

How do you tell the difference between scientific notation and squaring?

Squaring is a number raised to the power of two. Scientific notation is a number multiplied by 10 to the power of a number.

When is taking the square root of a number not the inverse of squaring a number?

Taking the square root of a negative number is not the same as squaring a number because the square root is only defined for non-negative numbers. Additionally, taking the square root of a non-perfect square number will result in an irrational number, which cannot be expressed as a fraction or a repeating decimal.

What do you mean by squaring a number and cubing a number?

squaring a number is when you times it by itself. eg. 2x2 or 5x5 cubing a number is when you times it by itself and then times it again. eg. 2x2x2 or 5x5x5

What is To multilply a number by itself?

Squaring a number (x)2