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The ratio of radius to diameter for any circle is 1/2

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Q: Is the ratio of the radius to the diameter of all circles?
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The diameter of a big circle is 42 feet what is the ratio of the circle's radius to it's diameter?

Radius = 1/2 of diameter.The ratio is 1/2 = 0.5.That's true for all circles, from microscopic to humongous, doesn't matter.

How are the circumference diameter radius and pi related?

They are all related to circles Circumference = pi * diameter = 2 * pi * radius

Is the ratio of circumference to the diameter of all circles always the same?


What did early civilizations notice about the ratio of circumference to diameter?

They noticed circumference/diameter was a constant ratio applicable to all circles no matter whattheir sizes were

Do concentric circles have the same circles?

No. You can only define a circle by radius, diameter, area, perimeter. Concentric circles have the same centre, therefore, if they were the same circles with the same radius, then they would all lie on top of each other and be effectively one circle.

What is pi radius and diameter?

The radius of a circle is the distance from the center to any point on the circle. The diameter is twice as much; it is the length of a line segment from one point on a circle to another point on it that passes through the center. Pi is a constant, equal to approximately 3.1416 (the exact value is irrational), which is defined as the ratio of the circumference of any circle to its diameter (all circles are similar so the ratio is always the same).

Which is more diameter or radius?

The diameter. The diameter is all the way across the circle, the radius is half of the diameter

Do all circles have a diameter?


How do you find the radius in a circle when all you have is the diameter.?

The diameter is equal to half of the radius. So take the value of the diameter and divide it by two and that is your radius.

If the diameter of a circle is dilated by a scale factor of 0.6 what will be the effect on the circles circumference?

All linear dimensions (radius, diameter, circumference, an arc that covers a certain angle, etc.) will scale by the same factor.

What is the retationship between the circumference and the diameter?

What is the relationship between the circumference and the diameter? Answer The circumference divided by pi gives the diameter. d = C / pi An alternate way to express the above answer. For all circles, pi is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter pi = C / d

How do you find the diameter of the circle if you have the area and radius?

All you have to do is multiply the radius by 2.

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