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A whole is 100%

Half is 50%

One third is (100 ÷ 3) = 33.3

Two thirds is 33.3 x 2= 66.6

Two thirds 66.6% is greater than One half 50%

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Q: Is two-thirds teaspoon more than one-half teaspoon?
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Is 1.0 milliliter more than 1 teaspoon?

No, it is less than a teaspoon

Is a milliliter more than a teaspoon?

No, a milliliter is about 1/5 of a teaspoon.

What is .375 in teaspoon?

.375 ml is much less than one teaspoon. A teaspoon is about 4.92 ml. it is a little more than 1/13th of one teaspoon.

Is a teaspoon the same as a cup?

no Not at all. A cup holds much more than a teaspoon.

How grams to a teaspoon?

Tsp(teaspoon) is volume and gram is weight. so it would depend on what the substance is. A gram of cotton would be more than a teaspoon, but a gram of lead would be much less than a teaspoon.

How many teaspoons equals 3.5 ounces?

An ounce is weight and a teaspoon is volume. A teaspoon of lead weighs a lot more than a teaspoon of water. It all depends on what you are weighing.

Do you use more than half a teaspoon of ground Cummin than seeds?

Yes, often.

Is a teaspoon greater than a millileter?

There are 5ml to every teaspoon. So a teaspoon is greater than a milliliter.

What is the mass if nuclei are collected in a teaspoon?

A common answer is more than the mass of earth.

Convert 1 teaspoon of herbs to pound?

In order to do this conversion you would need to know the density of the herb you are trying to figure out the weight of. For example: a teaspoon of bricks weighs more than a teaspoon of feathers, due to the fact that brick is more dense.

How many teaspoons is 4 sprigs of sage?

A little more than half a teaspoon.

What weighs more a teaspoon of water or a teaspoon of pudding?

A teaspoon of water will be heavier. While they are both liquids, pudding will contain fat, which is less dense than water. (This is why oil and fat floats on top of water)