Is two squared equal to 4?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes it is 2 to the second power is equal to 4

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Q: Is two squared equal to 4?
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What two square numbers add up to 13?

The two square numbers which add up to 13 are 9 (which is equal to 3 squared), and 4 (which is equal to 2 squared).

What is 13 squared 4 squared?

13 squared x 4 squared is equal to 2,704.

What two numbers whose difference is equal to 4 squared?

4 squared is 16, so any numbers that are 16 apart. For example 46-30=16

What does two squared equal?


How many m squared are there cm squared?

4 m squared 1cm sqaured is equal to 0.0001m squared

What is 4 squared plus 4 squared plus 4 squared equal?

Assuming the thing is as written and there are no brackets missed out then it is just 4 squared times 3 = 16x3=48.

Why does a squared plus b squared equal c squared?

Because the letters can represent any sum not necessarily its only on a triangle where that happens the hypotenuse squared equals the sum of the other two sides squared added together like if a was 1 and b was two c could be three so 1+4 doesn't equal 9

What 2 integers squared equal 65?

1 squared plus 8 squared or 4 squared plus 7 squared

What does 2 squared by 2 equal?


Is this equation linear X squared plus y squared equals 4?

No because no 2 numbers can be squared to equal 4. 1 squared is 1 2 squared is 4 so the lowest answer is 5.

What are 2 square roots for 4?

The two square roots of 4 are 2 and -2. Both {2,-2} when squared, equal positive 4.

Does 3 4 6 make a right triangle?

No. For it to work, then 3 squared and 4 squared would have to be equal to 6 squared. 4 squared=16 3 squared= 9 9+16= 25 6 squared= 36.