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Q: Is type of meat a quantitative or categorical variable?
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Is nationality a discrete or continuous variable?

Neither, since it is "qualitative data", not "quantitative". Only quantitative data can be discrete or continuous. (Unless your assigning a numerical "value" to each nationality type, in which case it would be quantitative discrete). Answer 2: If considering the percentage, eg 100% Irish, 50% Irish, etc., then it is theoretically a continuous variable, assuming an infinite number of generations. However, in terms of currently existing and past living people, for any nationality, it is a discrete variable.

What type of variable is the number of gallons of gasoline pumped by a filling station during a day?


Translate the problem into a mathematical sentence using p as your variable name?

Question 2 of 9Fill in the blank: Type your answer in the box and then click "submit."Translate the phrase into a variable expression. Use the letter p to name the variable. If necessary, use the asterisk ( * ) for multiplication and the slash ( / ) for division.... the total number of pages plus the 6 in the introduction ...Answer: FeedbackThe correct answer is: p + 6.Click Next to Continue

Are The number of significant digits in a double variable is up to 15?

The maximum number of significant digits in value belonging to the double type is 15. The maximum number of significant digits is called the precision.

How do you find the range of distribution?

The largest value minus the smallest value. In statistics, a distribution is the set of all possible values for terms that represent defined events. There are two major types of statistical distributions. The first type has a discrete random variable. This means that every term has a precise, isolated numerical value. An example of a distribution with a discrete random variable is the set of results for a test taken by a class in school. The second major type of distribution has a continuous random variable. In this situation, a term can acquire any value within an unbroken interval or span. Such a distribution is called a probability density function. This is the sort of function that might, for example, be used by a computer in an attempt to forecast the path of a weather system.

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What level of measurement is the variable major?

Yeah that's a question online in your stats class. Read it more carefully. They are asking if Major (area of study) is a quantitative or categorical type of data Answer: Categorical.

Is a type of wood categorical or quantitative?

'Quantitative' has to do with the answer to the question, "How much, or how many?" 'Categorical' has to do with the answer to the question, "What kind?" 'Type of wood' would fall under the latter category.

What type of variable is colour?

Color is considered a categorical variable.

Is class rank a qualitative or quantitative variable?

A qualitative variable is a variable that has categorized values and the difference cannot be measured. A quantitative variable is a variable that consist of ordinary values and the difference can be measured. Depending on the type of class rank it can be both qualitative as quantitative.

What type of variable continuous discrete or categorical is years of experience?

continuous discrete

Which type of variable is most difficult to capture with a quantitative measure?

A qualitative variable: such as your favourite fruit.

What are categorical variables?

Categorical variables are variables that represent categories or groups. They are qualitative in nature and can take on values that are in a finite set of distinct categories, but do not have a inherent order or numerical significance. Examples include color (red, blue, green) or gender (male, female).

What type of variable is gender?

Nominal (categorical), and Dependent (it is measured and accounted for, but a researcher cannot manipulate gender).

What type of variable is household income?

Household income is a quantitative variable, specifically a continuous variable, since it can take on a wide range of numerical values.

Which type of graph is best for analyzing quantitative dependent and independent variable?

A scatter graph.

What are the other examples of quantitative variables in statistics?

You're probably used to the word "variable" in algebra. Letters like x and y are used in place of numbers. Twotypes of variables are used in statistics: Quantitative and categorical. Quantitative variables are numerical: counts, percents, or numbers. Categorical variables are descriptions of groups or things, like "breeds of dog" or "voting preference".Examples of Quantitative Variables:High school Grade Point Average.Number of pets owned.Bank account balance.Number of stars in a solar system.Average number of lottery tickets sold.How many cousins you have.The amount in your paycheck.General rule: if you can add it, it's quantitative. For example, a G.P.A. of 3.3 and a G.P.A. of 4.0 can be added together (3.3 + 4.0 = 7.3), so that means it's quantitative.Examples of Categorical Variables:Class in college (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior).Party affiliation (Republican, Democrat, Independent).Type of pet owned (dog, cat, rodent, fish).Favorite author.Preferred airline.Hair color.Your race.Types of hats.As a general rule, if you can't add something, then it's categorical. For example, you can't add cat + dog, or Republican + Democrat.

What type of graphs use categorical data?

bar graphs use categorical data