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Zero is more than, not less than the number negative 1.

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Q: Is zero less than negative one?
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What are numbers less than zero called if numbers less than one are decimals?

Numbers less than zero are "negative numbers".

Is one thousandths less than zero?

No it is not. It would be if it was a negative.

What kind of conditional statemenr is this If a number is negative then it is less than zero If a number is less than zero then it is a negative number?

There are two statements and it is not clear which one you are referring to.

What does negative one third mean in a number line?

One third less than zero.

Is zero bigger than negative one?

Yes, zero is technically bigger than negative one.

Is negative 12 less than 11?

Negative numbers are less than zero and less than positive numbers, so that negative 12 is less than positive 11. To put it another way, if you have 11 dollars, but you owe 12 dollars, you will owe one dollar more than you have.

How is zero an integer?

Zero fits into the sequence of integers; it is exactly one less than the number one, and it is exactly one more than the number negative one. It is also an integer because it is not a fraction.

How will describe the sign of integers?

A positive number is one that is greater than zero. A negative number is one that is less than zero. To visualize this, it is convenient to look at the numbers on a number line. A positive number is to the right of zero.

Is negative four fifths greater or less than negative one third?

negative fourth fifths is less than negative one-third

Can the average be zero?

Sure. If some of the items on the list are positive and some are negative, then their average can be positive, negative, or zero. But if all of them are positive, then their average must be more than zero. Remember that the average is always greater than the least item on the list, and less than the greatest one.

Is -(.25) greater than or less than -(.50)?


How is a negative integer less then any positive integer?

Because positive numbers are to the right of negative numbers on the number line. If you have two numbers, one the negative of the other, and you add the positive to the negative, you get zero. If you add the positive to zero, you get a positive number. So positive numbers are an increase from zero, which is an increase from negative numbers. A negative number may have a greater absolute value than a positive number, but it will always be less than a positive number.

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