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90/60 = x/10

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Q: Joyce jump rope at a rate of 90 jumps for minute How many jumps in 10 seconds?
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Kelli can jump rope 84 times in 60 seconds What is her rate per minute?

84 jumps per minute.

What is the most jump ropes in a minute?

265 jumps I got 153.

On Achievement Unlocked how do you get off your seat?

Jump for 10 seconds none stop (just hold down the jump botton) which is ten jumps anyway (:

Reports on jump rope?

the world record for jump rope is 151 jumps in 30 seconds. WOW! how could she do it just go and see at see you there.....

What is the plural noun for jump?

The plural form of the noun jump is jumps; one jump, two jumps.

Make a present tense verb jumps?

I/you/we/they jump. He/she/it jumps. The present participle is jumping.

How long is the drum solo in jump into the fire by harry nilsson?

One minute and 59 seconds.

How many calories can be burned by jump roping 1000 times?

On average, jumping rope burns about 11 calories per minute. If you crank up the intensity of your jumps, you can burn in the neighborhood of 20 calories per minute. say you jump 50x/minute - 20 minutes - 220-400 cal.

What does jump stand for in the military in regards to a jump platoon?

a jump satnd is a tactical move where someone jumps forwards while crouching to avoid fire. a jump platoon jumps from a helicopter.

What is the present tense of jumped?

the present tense of jump is "am jumping"'am jumping' is present continuous.The horse is jumping over the fence.Present simple is 'jump/jumps'.She jumps on the bed everyday.We jump on the floor to wake my father

What is the first person singular of the word jump?

One jump - two jumps

What is present form of jump?

I/you/we/they jump. He/she/it jumps. The present participle is jumping.