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1, 36

2, 18

3, 12

4, 9

6, 6

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Q: List all the pairs of integers whose product is 36?
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What are two cosecutive positive odd integers whose product is 35?

List all the combination of positive integers that multiplies into 35, then you will see right away

What is the list of pairs of whole numbers whose product is 24?

1 and 24 2 and 12 3 and 8 4 and 6

Two rectangles have the same area 480m2 The difference in their lengths is 10m The difference in their widths is 4m Determine the lengths?

I would list all the factors of 480 (as pairs of numbers whose product is 480). Then find two pairs of numbers (L1,W1 and L2,W2) satisfying these properties. (It won't take long, since there are at most sqrt(480) (rounded down) pairs of numbers whose product is 480, ie. just try the numbers 1,2,3,...,21.) Hope that helps!

How many pairs of even numbers can you find whose sum is 46?

If you include negative numbers, the list is infinite.

How can one assign a list of integers in Java?

Put statements at the start of ones code will allow one to have a list of integers in their Java program. If one does this then they will successfully have integers in their code.

Which is the list of all integers from negative 1 to 1?

Which is the list of all integers from negative 1 to 1?Here is the list of integers: -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -7, -8, -9, 0, 1.

Is there a factor pair whose sum is -39?

Millions of them! There's no trick to it until you tell uswhat their product has to be.

What is -5 9?

It is a list of two integers.

How do use integers in your everyday life?

Every time you count things, you recite a list of integers.

If a list of seven positive integers has a mean of 5 what is the greatest possible integer in the list?

297 integers, with an average of 5, multiply that to get what their sum was before averaging (=35). Make 6 of the integers 1 to find that greatest possible integer in the list.-Cheers.Actually you make 6 of your integers 1 you would get something else

How do you get rectangles from a list of factor pairs?

The factor pairs are the length and width of the rectangles.

What is 75 36 24?

A list of three integers.