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moreover, after that, next, later, following that,

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Q: List of time connectives to use in a recount?
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When do you use time connectives?

you use time connectives at the beginning of the paragraph and the middle as well you can use them at the start of a sentence.

What is sequential connectives?

sequential connectives are connectives you use in explanation text.

What is the difference between sequential connectives and time connectives?

Time connectives show the passage of time and can refer to events that have happened before or after the current one. Consequently they allow actions to be referred to in non chronological order. Sequential connectives, on the other hand, are used to sequence events or actions and so must go in chronological order.

What are conditional connectives. Explain with an example?

What are conditional connectives? Explain use of conditional connectives with an example

How do you use the word recount in a sentence?

The incumbent is demanding a recount.

What type of connective is despite?

Yes my teacher gave me it for use in homework about connectives!

Why do we use connectives?

everyone knows that it is to continue a sentence it is to like stretch a sentence more further to make it more intresting.

Is although a time connectives?

no but firstly, consequently, next, then, suddenly, after, now, following, when, meanwhile, lastly, later, since, finally are in case you wanted to use something else

What is a sequencing connective?

A sequencing connective is a connective you would usually use in a list or maybe some instructions, here are some sequencing connectives: next then first,second,third.... meanwhile after before eventually finally last

what is the best way to connect paragraphs?

You can use connectives, example: will ran away. Meanwhile, back on the farm...........

Which principle did the supreme court use to halt the recount process?

individual rights

Why you use past tense in recount writing?

because it explain an event that occurred previously.