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Q: Michelle jumped 1.32m in the standing long jump dan jumped 5 tenths of a metere further how far did dan jump?
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How many meters in a metere?

One (1). 'Meter' and 'metre' are different spellings of the same unit of length. 'Metere' is a mis-spelling of the same unit.

How many cm in 512 METERE?

51200 cm

How much does one cubic metere of clay weigh?


What is 359cm to the nearest metere?

It is 4 metres.

How many meters in a kg?

Metere/ metres are length. Kg are weight.

How many metere are in a meter stick?

1 m = 1000 mm

How many centi meters in 1 running metere?

There are 100 centimetres.

How many times does 2420cm go into 56 metere?

2.31405 times (rounded)

How many metric tons in a cubic meter?

a cubic metere of what? it depends on the density

How many square feet are in a square metere?

Answer: 1 m² = 10.7639 ft²

How many mm are in a metere?

There are 1000 mm. in 1 meter.

What is the present permissible power density value for mobile towers operating at 1800MHz?

9 watt/metere sq