Name of 10 bases

Updated: 4/28/2022
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> Sodium hydroxide = NaOH

> Potassium nitrite = KNO2

> Calcium carbide = CaC2

> Magnesium acetate = Mg(CH3COO)2

> Copper sulfide = CuS

> Aluminium oxide = Al2O3

> Barium peroxide = BaO2

> Lithium amide = LiNH2

> Strontium carbonate = SrCO3

> Caesium superoxide = CsO2

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You can have a base system of numbers based upon any number you like. However, some bases are more popular than others, with the base 10 being the most popular.

In base 10, there are ten number symbols. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

As you can see, that only gets you up to the number nine. If you wish then to write out ten, you put a zero in the units column and a 1 in the tens column, like so 10.

Here is a list of ten base systems:

Unary. Has one number symbol. So "zero" is just a blank. One is 1, Two is 11, three is 111, etc. A very primitive numbering system, and hardly practical even at primitive levels. In fact, it was usual to write larger unary numbers, such as 10 as 11111 11111. In this manner, you could see two groups of five and know it was ten without counting ten 1s.

Binary. Has two number symbols. Zero and One. Zero is 0, One is 1, Two is 10, three is 11, etc. Very practical for computers, as the "on" and "off" can be set as 1 and 0.

Ternary. Has three number symbols. Zero, One and Two. 0, 1, 2, 10.

Quaternary. Has four number symbols. Zero, One, Two and Three. 0, 1, 2, 3. Four would be 10.

(you get the idea now)

Quinay. Has five number symbols.

Octal. Has eight number symbols.

Decimal. Our own. Ten number symbols.

Duodecimal. Twelve number symbols. This one would probably be the best for us to be on.

Hexadecimal. Sixteen number symbols.

Vigesimal. Twenty number symbols.

(bonus extra base)

Sexagesimal. Sixty number symbols. It would be a bit hard to memorize your multiplication tables with this one. But the Babylonians liked it.

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Q: Name of 10 bases
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