Name something people put toothpicks in?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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teeth, cakes, olives, Sandwiches, meatballs, cheese cubes

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Q: Name something people put toothpicks in?
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In facebook family feud Name something people put toothpicks in?

In your teeth Sandwich Olives Cheese cubes Cakes Meatballs Appetizers

Why do people put toothpicks in their mouths?

People put toothpicks in there mouths so they pick at their teeth to get the food out

How do you make 10 toothpicks out 9 toothpicks without breaking them?

To solve this, you simply have to put the toothpicks in the shape of a 1 and a 0 to make "10"

A cool About Me for MySpace?

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How do you make six squares with 12 toothpicks?

bend 2 toothpicks at 90 degree angles and put them cornor to cornor

Name something you wish people woudnt do in your car?

put advertisements on the winshield

What did girls in medieval Spain put in their mouths to avoid unwanted kisses?

They put toothpicks in their mouths.

How many rectangles can you make out of 12 toothpicks?

2 rectangles. Put two toothpicks on 2 sides and one on the other side, and that uses 6 toothpicks and if you make another rectangle like that you make 2 rectangles.

Name something people put in iced tea?

Lemon Sugar Ice Sweetener

Are hot dogs considered appetizers?

Only if you do something fancy with them. For instance, maybe you slice them up, put them in a sauce and serve with toothpicks. Or use small ones and make pigs in a blanket.

How do you keep little siblings off the Christmas tree?

Tell them it might explode or put something sharp on it: tacs, knives, toothpicks, razorblades, scissors, or yucky cough medicine!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Your Welcome: C.L.M.

Name something people put on cottage cheese?

Peaches Pineapple Salt Pepper Oranges Blueberry Jelly