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The set of numbers which 3 does not belong is the set of even numbers.

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Q: Name the set of numbers which 3 does not belong?
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Which set of numbers does 3 over 10 belong to?


What set of numbers does 147 belong to?

Whole numbers, composite numbers, odd numbers, numbers divisible by 3, and many more.

What set of numbers does 5.86 belong to?

The Rationals, the set {1, 3 , 5.86, sqrt(59), -2/3, pi2}, the reals numbers, numbers between 5 and 6, etc.

What set of numbers does 4 belong?

Natural (counting) numbers; integers; rational numbers; real numbers; complex numbers. And any other set that you choose to define, that happens to include the number 4 - for example, the set of square numbers, or even numbers, the set of the numbers {3, 4, 5, 7, 14, 48}, etc, the set of numbers containing the letter o in their English name.

Name sets of numbers to which 3 over 5 belong to rationals?

Natural numbers.

What set of numbers does 10 11 belong to?

Any set of numbers that contain them! For example, they belong to the set {10, 11} or {10, 11, sqrt(2), pi, -3/7}, or {10, 11, bananas, France, cold} or all whole numbers between 3 and 53, or counting numbers, or integers, or rational numbers, or real numbers, or complex numbers, etc.

How can a number belong to more than one set of numbers?

A set is just a way of describing numbers, and numbers can be described in more than one way. If set A is (for example) all positive prime numbers, and set B is all numbers between 0 and 10, then there are some numbers (2, 3, 5, and 7) that could belong to both sets.

What set does 0 belong to?

The mathematically correct answer is: any set that contains it. For example, it belongs to the set of all numbers between -3 and +2, the set {0, -3, 8/13, sqrt(97), pi}, the set {0}, the set of the roots of x3 - x2 + x = 0, the set of all integers, the set of all rational numbers, the set of all real numbers, the set of all complex numbers.

What sets does 3.1414 repeating Belong to?

It belongs to any set that contains it: The set of numbers between 3 and 4, The set containing only the number 3.1414 repeating, The set containing 1, 3.1414 (r) , and sqrt(37) The set of rational numbers, The set of real numbers, etc

Do 0 and 3 have closure for addition?

A set of numbers is considered to be closed if and only if you take any 2 numbers and perform an operation on them, the answer will belong to the same set as the original numbers, than the set is closed under that operation. If you add any 2 real numbers, your answer will be a real number, so the real number set is closed under addition. If you divide any 2 whole numbers, your answer could be a repeating decimal, which is not a whole number, and is therefore not closed. As for 0 and 3, the most specific set they belong to is the whole numbers (0, 1, 2, 3...) If you add 0 and 3, your answer is 3, which is also a whole number. Therefore, yes 0 and 3 are closed under addition

What number set does 5.385164807 belong to?

To any set that contains it! It belongs to {5.385164807}, or {45, sqrt(2), pi, 5.385164807, -3/7}, or all numbers between 4 and 53, or rational numbers, or real numbers, or complex numbers, etc.

What set of numbers does -12 belong to?

Any set that contains -1.2, whether finite or infinite. For example, the set consisting of only -1.2 ie {-1.2}, the set consisting of -1.2 and 5 = {-1.2,5}, the set consisting of -1.2 and 3 and sqrt(17) = {-1.2,3,sqrt(17)}, and so on.