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gghg a regular polygon has a 32 sides. calculate the size of each interior angle.

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Q: Number of triangles in a 32 side polygon?
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How many triangles are in a 32 side polygon?

A 32 sided polygon is also called a triacontadigon (or triacontakaidigon) or 32-gon has 20 triangles and 12 pentagons.

How many triangles could you draw on a 32 sided polygon?

30 of them

What is a 32-sided polygon called?

A polygon with 32 sides is known as a triacontakaidigon.

The number of diagonals that can be drawn in a polygon with n sides can be determined by nn - 32 How many diagonals can be drawn in a polygon with 10 sides?

38 diagonals

How many triangles in a triacontakaidigon?

A triacontakaidigon is a polyhedron with 32 sides. If the sides are all triangles, then there are 32 triangles in a triacontakaidigon, but a triacontakaidigon does not need to have triangular shaped sides.

What is the surface area of a regular 16 sided polygon that has a perimeter of 32 cm?

The regular 16 sided polygon will consist of 16 congruent isosceles triangles with equal sides of 5.125830895 cm by using the sine rule with equal base angles of 78.75 degrees and an apex angle of 22.5 degrees opposite side of 2 cm. Area of polygon: 0.5*5.125830895^2 *sin(22.5)*16 = 80.43743186 square cm

What is the number of sides in a regular polygon if the sum of the measure is 5400?

(5400+360)/180 = 32 sides

The sum of the interior angles of a 32 sided polygon?

The sum of the interior angles of a polygon is 2n - 4 right angles, where n is the number of sides.(2 x 32) - 4 = 60 right angles = 60 x 90 = 5400° .

How many lines of symmetry does a regular polygon has with 32 sides?

It has 32 lines of symmetry.

How many triangles in a star inside a hexagon?


How many ways add up to the perimeter of 32?

Infinitely many. Consider a regular polygon with n sides where n > 2. Let x = 32/n. Then the perimeter of the polygon is n*(32/n) = 32.

What is the perimeter of a regular 15- gon with radius of 3?