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the answer is 25.

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Q: On a sunny day a 5-foot red kangaroo casts a shadow that is 7 feet long The shadow of a nearby eucalyptus tree is 35 feet long Write and solve a proportion to find the height of the tree?
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A tree is 18 feet tall and casts a shadow 6 feet long A nearby sign casts a 3 foot shadow What is the height of the sign?

A 1 foot shadow I think.

Thomas happened to notice that at 400 PM on his uncle's farm a fence post that was 5 feet tall cast a 3 foot shadow He also noticed that a nearby tree cast a 12 foot shadow How tall is the tree?

I think this question is about similar shapes. To answer this divide the height of the tree, 5ft, by the shadow cast by it, 3 ft. This will give you the scale factor. To then find the answer, times the scale factor by the shawdow cast by the nearby tree, and will find your answer in ft. Hope this helped.

How can you prove that the volume of a sphere is equal to the volume of a cylinder provided their radii are equal and the height of the cylinder is equal to the diameter of the sphere?

I'm quite sure this is impossible to prove, because the volume of a sphere is not equal to the volume of a cylinder with the same radius and height equal to the sphere's diameter. This can be shown as: Volume of sphere = (4*pi*r3) / 3. Volume of cylinder = pi*r2*h. Here, the height, h, of the cylinder = d = 2r. So, the volume of the cylinder = pi*r2*2r = 2*pi*r3, which obviously does not equal the volume of the sphere. The volume of half a sphere (with radius r) is equal to the volume of a cylinder(whose height is equal to its radius, r) minus the volume of a cone with the same height and radius. Therefore, the volume of a sphere is just double that. If you follow the nearby link, you can see a nice demonstration of that.

Thomas happened to notice that 4 oclock pm on his uncles farm a fence post that was 5 ft tall cast a 2 foot shadow he also noticed that a nearby tree cast a 10 foot shadow how tall is the tree?

25 feet tall This is in effect asking about similar triangles, the bases of which are the shadows and the (perpendicular) heights are the heights of the objects. Therefore, using the ratio of the two triangles (calculated from the "shadow" sides) the height of the tree can be determined. The ratio of the shadows of the post to tree is: 2ft : 10ft = 1:5 So the height of the tree is five times the height of the post. Thus: Height_of_tree = 5 x 5ft = 25 ft

A pole that is 2.6m tall casts a shadow that is 1.51m long At the same time a nearby building casts a shadow that is 42.25m long round your answer to the nearest meter How tall is the building?

Let x = the height of the building. So we have, x/2.6 = 42.25/1.51 x = (2.6)(42.25)/1.51 x =72.75 Thus, the building is 72.75 meter tall.

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I was at Dharmasala a week ago...its height is 1750m and no snow in nearby mountains also...

Does a koala live in the tundra?

No, koalas do not live in the tundra. Koalas require eucalyptus bushland in temperate or sub-tropical zones of eastern Australia. Tundra is too cold. Australia's only tundra is on Mt Kosciuszko and nearby high country, which does not support the eucalyptus trees koalas need for their survival.

How can you calculate height of a pyramid by measuring the length of its shadow?

By means of trigonometry if you know the angle of elevation or by comparing it with a nearby object if you know its height and shadow length.

If A lighthouse casts a 128 foot shadow a nearby lamppost measures 5' 3 casts an 8 foot shadow Write a proportion that can be used to determine the height of the lighthouse?

To solve this you need to put 5.3 over 8 to represent the first lamp post then you need to put x over 128, so you can find the height of the lamp post. The lamp post is 84 feet 8 inches.

Who would win a monkey or a turtle?

The kangaroo has the ability to kick a$$ so I think that kangaroo might win, the ostrich just runs fast and does nothing, really. The kangaroo can jump in big distances too! but why should an ostrich and a kangaroo get into a fight anyways?

What is natural habitat of kangaroo?

It depends on the species.Bennett's Tree Kangaroo and Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroo both live in the rainforests of Cape York in Far North Queensland, Australia.There are also five species of tree kangaroo on the island of New Guinea, which comprises the countries of Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya (Indonesia). These tree kangaroos are commonly found in the mountainous rainforests of the island. Several species live in lowlands, for example, the Lowlands Tree-Kangaroo.

Does Sydney have kangaroos?

Australian cities do not have kangaroo hopping down their streets. However, Australian cities all have areas of National Parkland, State Forests or environmental reservce either nearby or within suburban areas of the city where wallabies and sometimes larger kangaroos can be found. The Royal National park near Sydney certainly has a healthy kangaroo population.

What food does the desert kangaroo eat?

There is no such creature as a desert kangaroo. Kangaroos do not live in sandy deserts. They need to be where there is adequate vegetation to supply their food. These deserts contain plenty of low-growing shrubs and grasses which can sustain kangaroos, but there must also be a source of water nearby.

A tree is 18 feet tall and casts a shadow 6 feet long A nearby sign casts a 3 foot shadow What is the height of the sign?

A 1 foot shadow I think.

A flagpole casts a shadow of 40 ft nearby a 10-ft tree casts a shadow of 2 ft what is the height of the flagpole?

Ten is to two as 40 is to x, yielding: 200ft.

Can you watch local television broadcasts of a different city?

Yes, If there is enough signal. Receiver and transmitter antenna height is in play here .The higher the better and no other station on same channel nearby.

Is nearby an adverb or preposition?

Nearby is either an adjective or an adverb. (a nearby hotel, she works nearby) The word used as a preposition is "near" (near the city)