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One foot is a bit over 30 cm. (30.48)

168 cm is just over 5'6" (five feet six inches - 51/2 feet)

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Q: One hundred sixty eight centimeters is how many feet?
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How do I write out 358.67 Feet?

Three hundred fifty eight and sixty seven hundredths feet.

How do you spell out 68.2 feet?

The written form would be "sixty-eight and two tenths feet" or "sixty-eight point two feet."

How many feet are in a hundred and sixty inches?

160 inches = 13.33 feet

What are dimensions of sixty five feet by one hundred fifty feet?

9750 feet squared

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342,061 feet.

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How many yards are in two hundred sixty feet?

86 and 2/3 yards

How tall is 160 cm?

One hundred and sixty centimeters tall can convert to many different yet the same measurements. It is around five feet three inches or 62.992126 Inches.

Convert the rate 8 feet per second into feet per minute?

8 feet per second = 480 feet per minute Just multiply eight by sixty because there are sixty seconds in a minute.

How do you write eight thousand two hundred fifty feet?

800,250 feet

Is two miles greater then ten thousand five hundred sixty feet?

yes 4 sure