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Inverse operations.

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Q: Operations that undo one another are called?
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What is a operations that undo one another?

Inverse operations.

Operations that undo one another?

inverse operations

What operation undo's one another?

Inverse operations.

Pairs of operations that undo each other?

Inverse operations, or opposite operations, undo one another. Subtraction undoes addition (and vice versa), and division undoes multiplication (and vice versa).

Processors that require one voltage for external operations and another for internal operations are called?

Dual Voltage

What are operations undo each other or the additive inverse?

Inverse operations. Additive inverse is not one operation but they are elements of a set.

I am operations that undo each other like multiplication and division?

Operations that undo each other include: addition and subtraction multiplication and division powers and roots

Operations that are opposite of one another?

inverse operations

What is the relationship between adding and sutracting?

They are called inverse operations, that means one can reverse, or undo, what the other does. Take 5+8=13 for example. You can reverse the process with 13-8=5, or 13-5=8. Multiplication and division are also inverse operations.

How do you solve equations that contain multiple opeations?

You undo one of the operations at a time, always with the aim of isolating the variable you want to solve for on one side.

What are the processors that require one voltage for external operations and another for internal operations?

Those processors that require two diffrent voltages (one for external opertatoins and another for internal operatoins) are called Dual-Voltage Processors. Other processors are called single-voltage processors.... You know dat's right! :D

What is a rule that relates one variable to another?

The Order Of Operations! :)