Round the number 15.9994

Updated: 4/28/2022
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To the nearest whole number, 16

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Q: Round the number 15.9994
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What is the syntax for the ROUND function in MS Excel?

=ROUND(Number, Number of Digits) Number is the number you are trying to round. Number of Digits is the amount of digits you want to round it to. So for example: =ROUND(41.98662,3) That will give you 41.987 as the answer.

What do you round 12.45 to?

If one were to round the number 12.45 to another number, there are a couple of options. First, one can round the number to 12.5 or one can round the number to 13.

How do you round a number to the nearest ones?

Question: How to round a number? Answer: if the number is 4 or below you round down if it's 5 or above you round up.

How do you round to the nearest 9.84 when you round 9 what number do you put 0 or10?

When you round the 9 in the number 9.84 it will round up to the number 10.

Can you round a single number?

I think you can round a single number?

What is the round function in excel used for?

ROUND is a function that returns a number rounded to a specified number of digits.Syntax: =ROUND( number, digits )number is the number to rounddigits is the number of digits to round the number toEXAMPLES:=ROUND(1/3,2) will return 0.33=ROUND(1/6,2) will return 0.17

Round this number 75.9913?

round this number 75.9913

Does the number 7145.881 mm2 round to the number 72 mm2?

No it does not round to

Round this number to the nearest hundredth 0.3636?

Round this number to the nearest hundredth 0.3636 ? Round this number to the nearest hundredth 0.3636 ?

When you round a number which digit in the number helps you decide to round up or round down?

If I think your asking the question how I think your asking it, then any number 5 and above you round up. If its below 5 you round down. :-)

How do you round off the number 16?

You round off the number 16 to the nearest ten by rounding up to 20. You look at the number to the right of the number you want to round, if it is a 5 or above you round up and if it is a 4 or under you round down.

What is the greatest number to round off to 26000?

which number will round up to 26000