See you after an hour and a few minutes is a correct grammar?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, it is correct grammar, not a correct grammar.

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Upon checking it's correct

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Q: See you after an hour and a few minutes is a correct grammar?
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See you after an hour and a few minutes Manila is a correct grammar?

No, it is not.If Manila is the name of a person, then "... minutes, Manila" is correct grammar but it is still not a correct grammar.

How long is 189 miles take?

That's going to depend on how fast you travel. You see, the faster you move, the less time it takes to cover any distance. Here are a few possibilities for your 189 miles: -- Walking, 3 miles an hour . . . . . 63 hours -- Running, 5 miles an hour . . . . . 37 hours 48 minutes -- Bicycle, 10 miles an hour . . . . . 18 hours 54 minutes -- Driving, 30 miles an hour . . . . . 6 hours 18 minutes -- Driving, 60 miles an hour . . . . . 3 hours 9 minutes -- Flying low, 85 miles an hour . . . . . 2 hours 13 minutes 24.7 seconds -- Flying normal, 150 miles an hour . . . . . 1 hour 15 minutes 36 seconds -- Flying high, 500 miles an hour . . . . . 22 minutes 40.8 seconds -- as fast as sound . . . . . 14 minutes 46.8 seconds -- as fast as light . . . . . 0.001 second

6 hours equals how many minutes?

Answer: 360 minutesReason: To convert hours to minutes, we note there are 60 minutes in one hour. Now we multiply 6 hours by 60 minutes we see that 360 minutes is the same as 6 hours.Or 60+60+60=60+60+60= then you answer is 360 again.6 hours = how many min

Run 6.3 miles in 59 26 minutes is how many minutes a mile?

6.3 miles in 59.26 minutes equates to 9.4 minutes per mile. The way to work it out is in the question you asked. You want to know something in minutes per mile/ Think about how you see kilometres per hour written: km/h Anything that is PER anything elseis often written like: anything/anythingelse In this case youre asking for minutes per mile, which you might see written asminutes/mile And you have the minutes And you have the miles It's no accident that / is used in divide operations, it's the symbol computers use for division, and if you were writing 2 divided by 3 on one line you might well write something like 2/3 So your units, minutes/mile is basically telling you to take the minutes, and divide it by the miles 59.26 minutes / 6.3 miles 59.26 divided by 6.3 = 9.4 minutes/mile

Harry does English and maths homework each week it for a total of two and a half hours with 80 minutes being English - how do you solve to see how much time he spends on maths?

Harry is neglecting his science homework Harry probably also has a royal tutor to do this for him - however, if he spends 2.5 hours total, you can figure out how much time he spends on his maths. 2 and 1/2 hours is 2.5 x 60 minutes per hour = 150 minutes total time 150 minutes - 80 minutes for English leaves 70 minutes for maths He spends 70 minutes doing maths: working: 60mins in 1 hour so, 60 x 2.5hrs = 150 so, 150mins - 80mins = 70minutes !Answer (simpler)2 1/2 hours = 150 minutes ([2 x 60] + 30) 150 - 80 = 70 Maths = 70 minutes:] Nelly :]

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See you after an hour and a few minutes Manila is a correct grammar?

No, it is not.If Manila is the name of a person, then "... minutes, Manila" is correct grammar but it is still not a correct grammar.

Is see you in an hour and few minutes Manila a correct grammar?

"See you in an hour and a few minutes, Manila." is better.

Is see you after an hour and a few minutes a correct grammar?

It is not incorrect grammar but the whole phrase is "odd" one would use "in an hour" rather than "after". Also in "a correct grammar" the "a" is not needed. Finally the "and a few minutes" is odd too. If one was trying to be precise one would specify the period exactly (eg 67 minutes or an hour and seven minutes), but in normal conversation when planning to meet up "in an hour" would be enough. Thus the best version would be "See you in an hour"

What is the correct grammar of did not see for present?

did not see

The see the world differently than you and I Is this the correct grammar?


Is a ways to go correct grammar?

Do you mean: "Are there ways to correct grammar?" Well yes. You see, it's sort of like grading. If someone says something or their grammar incorrect, and you correct them, you are like sort of correcting their grammar and this is the only way to answer your question so.

Is it correct grammar to say great to see you and Bob?

No. You are omitting the words "it is" as in "It is great to see you and Bob."

How long is 54 minutes?

Its 6 minutes until an whole hour and an hour is 60 minutes see USE YOUR BRAIN !!

Im shaking here with excitement to see my puppy is a correct grammar?

I am bursting with excitement at the sight of my puppy

What to do for one hour and 30 minutes?

See how high you can count

Where can you check to see if your sentences have correct grammar?

You can check for correct grammar using tools like Grammarly or the grammar check feature in word processing programs like Microsoft Word. Additionally, you can also use online grammar checking websites like Ginger or ProWritingAid.

Is it correct grammar to say made you?

The phrase "made you" can occur in a grammatically correct sentence, yes. We'd have to see the entire sentence to know for sure.