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The answer to this question is completely personal preferance. There is obviosly a difference in looks. Performance wise, the G-spec will have slightly lower fps (like 5 at the max). For upgrades, the barrels for the G-Spec are about 10 dollars cheaper if you go for top brands like EDgi.

I am going to get a regular Bar 10 just because i really dont care for the silencer.

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Q: Should you get a JG Bar 10 or JG Bar 10 G-Spec?
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Airsoft JG BAR-10 sniper rifle or JG G36c?

JG BAR-10 Sniper.

Would you buy the mbo2 well vsr 10 airsoft gun?

For the money I would buy the JG BAR-10 instead

I am wanting good accuracy JG bar-10 or UTG M324S pro sniper and please tell me if you've shot both?

jg bar-10 much better quality and utg has very little upgrades with the right parts you could hit 874 fps with jg bar 10, not saying that you have to but its a possibility, ive only shot a jg bar 10 but if you want a sniper rifle get this, i love this gun and if your looking for a reliable and upgradable sniper that comes stock with good accuracy this is the gun for you. Also if you want higher fps you can cut the air-brake to bring it up theirs a few videos on youtube about it. Have fun sniping.

What airsoft is the best spring bolt action rifle for 100-150?

JG BAR-10 the gun is easily upgradeable and cheap

Should you get the JG G36C or the JG M16 A4?

if you are going to do cqb and woodland go for the g36c, if you are just using it for woodland go with the m16

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The Jing Gong G3 is more powerful and accurate than than the m733 Commando.

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Which airsoft gun should i get.........a jg g3 ras or a jg aug?

if you're a kid i'd recommend the aug as the g3 is over 3 ft long. but the g3 is faster so if you're an adult get the g3

Which airsoft rifle is better jg steyr aug military or jg g36k?

Well the aug should be more accurate but not by much. It comes down to which you think looks better. I have heard great things about the G36

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