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1. Write out your expression. You can treat inequalities like equalities when solving. This means if < or > make you uncomfortable, pretend it's an = and solve it algebraically:

3p - 6 > 21

2. Add 6 to both sides.

3p > 27

3. Divide by 3 on both sides.

p > 9

4. P is greater than 9.

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Q: Solve this inequality 3p - 6 greater than 21?
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Solve this inequality j4 - 84?

21? 84 over 4 is 21, so j=21... or is it a different statement? i did it as an equation; you might mean an inequality, as it says, but you don't say whether it is greater than or less than another value.

Solve this inequality 3p- 16 21?

This is not an inequality. There is no &lt;,&gt;, or = sign.

How do you solve three eighths plus 21 is greater than 14?

There is nothing to "solve". 21 is greater than 14. Adding a positive amount (three eighths) to the left makes it even greater.

Solve the inequality 3p -6 21?


How many times greater is 21 than 0.038?

To solve this, simply divide the two This will leave you with 552.631579 So 21 is 552.631579 times greater than 0.038

Which is the solution of the inequality n plus 21 is greater than or equal to 7?

n + 21 &acirc;&permil;&yen; 7 Subtract 21 from both sides: n &acirc;&permil;&yen; -14

7 Solve this inequality 3p 6 21?

There appears to be no inequality in the question: only some disjoint expressions. Expressions cannot be solved.

How do you solve 3a square root 21?

There is no equation (nor inequality) so there is nothing to solve.There is no equation (nor inequality) so there is nothing to solve.There is no equation (nor inequality) so there is nothing to solve.There is no equation (nor inequality) so there is nothing to solve.

Is 2.1 greater than 21?

no 21 is greater than 2.1.

Solve this inequality j4 - 8 4?

For the inequality j4-84 you will change it to j4=84. Then, you would perform 84/4 to give you an answer of 21.

Is -20 greater than -21?


What is greater -38 or 21?

21 is greater than -38.

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