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Do the addition, get the answer and then find its square root!

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Q: Square root of addition answers
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What is the answers to 625 square root?

It is: 25

What is the square root of negative 27 divided by square root of 3?


What is the square root of 291.25?

17.066 You can type square root of 291.25 into the Google search bar for answers like this.

What is the Square root of 34 plus the square root of 34?

It's an example of "addition".The sum is: 2 sqrt(34) .

How do you simplify this problem 2 plus the square root of 81 multiplied by 3?

First you do the square root, then the multiplication, then the addition.

Is the square root of 4 plus 4 the same as ths square root of 4 plus the square root of 4?

No because the answers are 6 and 4 respectively.

What is the square root of cake?

The question What is the square root of cake? is meant as a joke or riddle. Answers best "mathema-medians" have proposed there are at least 2 'punchlines' as appropriate answers: The sqrt(cake) = (cake)^(1/2) equals -- a cupcake Or - square root of cake cake = delicious, therefore square root of cake = square root of delicious

How many answers are there when you find the square root of a number?

There are two because the square root of 16 for example is 4 or -4

Square root of 400?

There are two answers: 20 and -20

What is the sum of the whole numbers between square root of 12 and the square root of 60?

The four possible answers are +/- 18 or +/- 22.

What is the answers of 3 square root of (-48) plus 16?

It is 16 +/- 12*sqrt(3)*i where i is the imaginary square root of -1

What is the square root of 625 to the 2nd power?

The answers are ± 625

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