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Geometry is his achievment

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Q: The Alexandrian scholar Euclid's most famous achievement was?
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Who was the most famous alexandrian anatomist?

I think it was galen

What are euclids most known accomplishmens?

His mathematical books called Elements. His work on geometry, particularly his famous axioms.

What was euclid's most famous achievement?

achievement of euclid was his postulates

Who is the Famous scholar who worked for Charlemagne?


What famous Alexandrian was responsible for the most popular map printed from movable type in the fifteenth century?

Ptolemy was the famous Alexandrian responsible for the most popular map printed from movable type in the fifteenth century. The Ptolemy's world map is a map of the known world to Hellenistic society written in c. 150.

The most famous scholar of the middle ages?

William Caxton

What is Ahmose most famous achievement?


What was Einstein's most famous achievement?

Einstein's most famous achievement was his theory of relativity, which revolutionized our understanding of space, time, and gravity. This theory is encompassed in two main pillars: the special theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity.

Was Erasmus more of a scholar and a wit than a satirist?

He is certainly known as and famous for first being a (witty) scholar. Being a satirist occasionally comes with the territory.

Why did ban zhao become famous?

Ban Zhao was an accomplished mathematician, astronomer, and poet. She is most famous female scholar.

What are King Tutankhamun's famous achievement?

king tut is most famous for staying in tact inside his tomb

Napoleon's famous domestic achievement was his law called?

The Napoleonic Code.