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I assume you are thinking of density. Density is the amount of mass per unit of volume of an object such as 20 kg/m^3. Which means 20 there are 20 kilograms for every cubic meter of an object.

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Q: The amount of mass in a cubic centermeter is called?
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A substance has a mass of 27 grams and a volume of 10 cubic centermeter its denstity is what?

Not sure that anything has a volume of a cubic centremeter, since there is no such measure. Cubic centimetre, yes. Density = Mass/Volume = 27 g / 10 cc = 2.7 grams per centimetre.

What is the amount of matter in a given space called?

Since "amount of matter" is measured as an object's mass and "a given space" is measured as volume, the amount of matter in an a given space should equal mass/volume. Mass divided by volume is an object's density. Acceptable units of density include: grams/liters, kilograms/cubic meters, slugs/cubic inch, slugs/cubic foot, and many others.

The amount of matter in one unit of volume?

That is called the density - mass / volume. The SI units are kilogram / cubic meter.

What dose the name Graham mean?

Gram is a weight or mass of something. It is the amount of mass of a cubic centimeter of water.

The amount of mass in a cube is called?

It's called "the mass of the cube" or "the cube's mass".

What is the amount of mass per cubic centimeters of volume?

That's the definition of the "density" of a substance.

The amount of mass a matieral has in a voulme?

The amount of mass a matieral has in a voulme is called its solubility.

What is the amount of matter in a object called?

The amount of matter in an object is called mass.

Amount of matter an object takes up?

called mass- mass: amount of matter an object obtains

The amount of an object is called?

Mass is the amount of matter, if that is what you mean.

Amount of mass a material has for its volume?

Density is the mass of a standard volume. Units (SI): kg per cubic metre (by I.S.U.Cty)

What is mass of an object?

The amount of matter contained in an object is called mass.

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