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Q: The average of 9 results is 50 The average of first four results is 52 and average of last 4 results is 49 What is the fifth result?
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View result of btech first year?

yes results are declared......

When are BSc first year results of bamu university?

first semister BSc result 2010

What is the date of results of haryana counseling for engineering?

first counsling result on 20 June

What is the date of up board 10 result?

For 2014, the results will be out by first week of June

When is the FY Bcom result in pune university?

Results will Be in first or second week of June 09

Do you give me first year engineering results from solapur university?

yes i want to F.E result

When are BSc first year results released?

Result dates are set by the university that the student attends.

When are the Nagpur University BE first year-2009 results?

the result for BE first year is on thrusday the 25th June 2009

Why is it important that scientists result are evaluated by other scinetists?

The first scientist may have made a mistake, or tailored the experiment to fit either a hypothesis or favorable results. The second scientist's results help to reinforce ar refute the first scientist's results.

When will be SSC data entry operator results be declared?

results have been prepared and finally in the first week of jan2009 it will be displayed... so hold your breath and be tight for the result ..

What were the result's of the 2012 election?

It's results first of all. Second of all, Romney lost and Obama won:( .

Jntu btech 2-2 sem results?

yes pls give me a result july first week