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The cost for a ticket to the school dinner and play was $7.50 each. If 500 tickets were sold at that price, how much money would be brought in?

(Make sure to use a decimal point and dollar sign) That's my actual question but wikianswers didnt allow punctuation so please edit this answer and answer my Q thanks!

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Q: The cost for a ticket to the school dinner and play was 7 point 50 each If 500 tickets were sold at that price how much money would be brought in?
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"" [

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The question is a bit misleading. To make it more proper, assume that the variable cost is not per ticket but change it toÊper day instead. Hence, if Sunshine sells 4 tickets a day and multiply that by the commission per ticket which is 8, amounts to 32. Sunshine is still short by 3 to cover the costs. Therefore, SunshineÊmust sell 5 tickets per day to cover the cost and earn 5 at the same time. Multiply by 30 days in a month, that's 150 tickets.

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