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Mean = 13.44.. recurring

Median = 15

Mode = 9 and 15

Range = 17

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Q: The mean median mode and range of the numbers 15 15 9 9 20 23 7 17 6?
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What is the mean median mode range for 12107 1115?

The mean and the median of the two numbers, 12107 and 1115 are 6611.There is no mode. The range is 10992.

How does 170 change the mean median mode and range?

Prior to the introduction of 170, the mean, median, mode and range did not exist since there were no numbers at all. Once 170 is introduced, it becomes the mean, median and mode. The range is zero.

What is the mean mode median range for these numbers 89 10 11 11 11 12 12 13 13?

Mean: 20.2222222 Median: 12 Mode: 11 Range: 79

What is the mean median range and mode of 16 12 97 42 86?

Mean: 50.6 Median: 42 Range: 85 Mode: None (all numbers occur with same frequency)

What are the mean median range and mode of 5436?

median= 4&3 range=3 mode= no mode

What is a set of 5 numbers with a mean of 10 mode of 6 median of 9 and range of 8?

There cannot be such a set.If the mean is 10, the mode is 6 and the median is 9, the range must be at least 8.5.If the mode is 6, the median is 9 and the range is 8, the mean must be less than 9.8.

What would be the mean median mode and range be for this set of numbers 19 22 21 20 19 and 18?

mean = 19.833... median = 19.5 mode = 19

What does mean mode range and median mean in math?

mean - the average of a number mode - a number that appears the most in a set of numbers median - the number in the middle after the set of numbers are put from least to greatest range - the difference between the largest and the smallest number in a set of numbers

Does range mean median mean or mode?

Range is finding the difference in the highest number and the lowest number in a set of numbers

How does the outlier change the mean median mode and range with these numbers 5 13 13 15 18 20 20 20?

Mean: 15.5 Median: 16.5 Mode: 20 Range: 15

What does median mode and range?

Median means average, and range is the range of numbers in a group. For example, the range is from 52 to 71. I don't know what a mode is.

What does mean mode median range mean?

Mean is the average of a set of numbers. Median is the number in the middle when arranged in numeric oder. The mode is the most frequently used number in a set.