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The ratio of girls to boys is 21/14 = 3/2 = 1.5 .

The ratio of boys to girls is 14/21 = 2/3 = 0.66 .

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Q: The ratio of 21 girls and 14 boys?
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Charlotte's class has 21 girls and 14 boys what it the ratio of girls to boys in her class?

21 to 14

What is the ratio for 17 boys to 21 girls?

It is already in its simplest ratio because 17 is a prime number but if it were 7 boys to 21 girls then the ratio would be 1 to 3

In Mrs Smith's math class there are 21 boys and 6 girls what is the ratio of boys to girls in simplest form?

The ration of girls to boys is 21:6To simplify this divide both numbers by 3 = 7:2

A science class has a ratio of 3 boys to 2 girls What is the largest class that could be formed with less than 40 students?

21 boys + 14 girls = 35 studentsThis also works for math and social studies classes.

A class has 21 students. One third of the students are girls. How many boys are in the class?

14 boys are in the class

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The ratio of boys to girls is 5 to 7 if there are 6 more girls than boys in the math class how many students total are in the class?

6 = 2/12 = 1/6 so there are 36 in the class, 15 boys & 21 girls.

If there are 23 boys and 21 boys in class A, Class B has 21 boys and 22 girls. How many girls and boys are there in Class A and B?


What is the ratio simplest form 21 to 14?

21:14 21/7:14/7 3:2

What is the ratio of 14 and 42?


If 30 percent of a class consists of boys and there are 49 girls how many boys are there?

There are 21 boys. Boys = 30% Girls = 70% = 49 40/.7 = 70 70 - 49 = 21

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