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Q: The ratio of girls to boys in a room is 36 If there are 9 girls in the room how many boys are there?
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The ratio of girls to boys in a room is 36 there are 9 girls how many boys?


The ratio of boys to girls in home room is 2:3. If there are 8 boys, how many girls are there?

2 boys for every 3 girls 8 boys / 2 boys = 4 times the original ratio 4 times original ratio x 3 girls = 12 girls

What is the ratio of boys to girls in room of 30 students where the girls are 17?

13 to 17

What is the ratio of boys to girls in a class room of 30 student where the boys are 12?

In a class of 30, if there are 12 boys then there must be 18 girls. This would make the ratio: 18:12 or 3:2 (girls:boys)

If Ratios the ratio of girls to boys in a room is 1 9 if there are 4 girls How many boys should there be?

Ok, if there is one girl to every nine boys, there are 10 kids in all. that means that if there are 2 girls, you have to double 9, making 18, adding up to 20. . so, 2 girls and 18 boys. If there are 4 girls, then multiply 9 times 4. 4x1 and 4x9. and then you get your answer.

In what ways is a girls locker room different from a boys locker room?

A girls' locker room and boys' locker room both are common in many ways with size, appearance, etc. However, the only difference perhaps is the scent of both male and female.

What is the issue until boys and girls be separated in different discussion room?

The issue is that boys and girls can lie

Which sewer do you go in on super power island?

You enter the sewer through the restrooms in the park (boys use the boys' room, girls use the girls' room).

Age limit for boys and girls sharing bedroom in Delaware?

what is the age limit for boys and girls to share a same room

What is a sentence using the possessive form of girls?

Boys are not allowed in the girls' locker room.

How many rooms are in the duger house?

*Duggars and there are 3 bedrooms one for the boys girls and then there's the parents room.

What does Coed by room?

Male and Females together by room. Also can be girls in one room boys in the very next room