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52 and 40

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Q: The sum of two numbers is 92 One fifth of the first number added to one half of the second number is 34 Find the two numbers?
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The sum of 2 numbers is 92 one fifth of the 1st number added to half of the second number is 34 find the 2 numbers?

40 and 52

What is a number like first second fifth tenth and so on?

Ordinal numbers

The sum of two numbers is 92 one fifth of the first number added to one half of the secound number is 34 find the two numbers?


What are the examples of ordinal numbers from 1 to 10?

First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth

When one sixth of a number is added to one fifth of the number the sum is 22. what is the number?


What are the ordinal numbers in french?

The ordinal numbers in English, followed by their French language equivalents: First: premier / première Second: deuxième (or second) Third: troixième Fourth: quatrième Fifth: cinquième Sixth: sixième Seventh: septième Eighth: huitième Ninth: neuvième Tenth: dixième Of note is the fact that, from one-fifth and beyond, the fractional numbers (such as one fifth) are identical to the corresponding ordinal numbers (such as fifth). Therefore, one-fifth is translated as "un cinquième".

Is fifth an ordinal or a cardinal number?

Fifth is Ordinal (tellls the "order" something is in..i.e.first, second, etc.)

What would be the next number in this series 135 45 180 60 240 80?

Take a look on the numbers which are on the position of second, fourth, sixth(i.e. multiples of 2) and so on and take a look on the left and right side of these numbers, there is a relation:- First number is three times of second number and third number is four times of second number. The same relation is of fourth number with third and fifth. So, seventh number is 80 x 4 = 320.

What is the fifth number if there is a sum of four numbers that equal 40 when there is a fifth number added and the mean of the numbers become 12what is the fifth number?

The sum of four numbers equals 40: a+b+c+d=40 Those same four numbers, along with another number (e), give the set a mean of 12: (a+b+c+d+e)/5=12 Use these two facts to determine e as follows: (a+b+c+d+e)/5=12 a+b+c+d+e=60 (a+b+c+d)+e=60 40+e=60 e=20

Which word does not belong First Second Third Forth Fifth?

"Forth" does not belong because the other words are ordinal numbers (First, Second, Third, Fifth) while "Forth" is a misspelling of "Fourth."

What is 60 45 45 45 45?

A set of five numbers, the second to fifth of which are the same.

You are a prime number you are the sum of the fifth sixth seventh eighth and ninth prime numbers what number are you?