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stone, animal skins, and papyrus scrolls

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Q: Three early forms of written communication?
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Three early forms of communication were?

petroglyphs cuneiform hieroglyphs

What are three early forms of communication?

Speech, smoke signals, and drumbeats.

What are three early forms of communication were?

Speech, smoke signals, and drumbeats.

Were petroglyphs and hieroglyphs an early form of verbal communication?

No, petroglyphs and hieroglyphs were early forms of written communication, not verbal communication. They involved using symbols or pictures to convey meaning rather than spoken language.

What are the two general form or classification of communication?

Two forms of communication are spoken communication and written communication.

What does prehistroic cave paintings an ancient graffiti represent?


What do prehistoric paintings and cave graffiti represent?

Early forms of communication

How many forms of communication are there?

3 forms of communication 1. Verbal, either spoken or written 2. Nonverbal 3. Graphic

What are different forms of communication in business?

There are mainly 2 forms of business communication. 1. Written Communication like reports etc 2. Oral Communication like meetings etc

Why is emoticon necessary in cyberspace but not in other forms of written communication?

Emoticon is not necessary in cyberspace, it is optional, but quite often used. It can also be used in other forms of written communication.

How many nouns are in this sentence writing and speaking are two forms of communication?

There are three nouns in the sentence: writing, speaking, and forms.

What are the three forms of IPv4 communication?

Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast