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a triangle has 180 degrees 35+85=120

180-120=60 the third side is 60 degrees

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Q: Tyler draws a triangle with a 35 degree angle and a 85 degree angle what is the measure of the third angle?
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A triangle has a 49 degree angle and a 81 degree anglewhat is the measure of the third angle?

130 degrees

A triangle with an 50 degree anngle and a 80 degree angle?

It is an isosceles triangle because the third angle must measure 50 degrees

How do you find the side of a triangle?

To find the degree of angle of a side of a triangle, a protractor is needed to measure the angle. Place the '0' on the protractor on the point of the angle and look at the top part to determine degree of angle. To measure the length of a triangle side, a simple ruler can be used to measure the length.

What triangle is it the triangle measure six inches eight inches and ten inches and a ninety degree angle?

It is a right angle triangle.

The measure of the first angle of a triangle is 48 degree.the measure of the second angle is 32 degree .what is the measure in degrees of the third angle?


What is the degree measure of each interior angle of a regular triangle?


Which is the measure of one interior angle of a regular triangle?

45 degree

Determine the measure of the missing angle in the triangle below the sum of the three angles in a triangle is 180 degree?

37 degree

What type of triangle would measure 90 degree 30 degree and 60 degree?

A right angle

If the measure of angle DAB is 50 degrees and the measure of angle DAC is 20 degree what is measure of CAB?

If that is the angles of a triangle then the 3rd angle is 110 degrees

What kind of degree is a triangle?

A degree is a measure of an angle (in geometry), a triangle is a 2-dimensional object. So the question makes no sense.

If the non base angle of an isosceles triangle has a measure of 78 degree's what is the measure of each base angle?

(180 - 78) / 2...

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