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There is no difference between square meters and meters square. for simplicity we use these in different form.

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Q: What's the difference between square kilometers and kilometers squared?
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The difference between the square root of x and squared-?

Either x or -x is the difference between the square root of x and squared.

What is the difference between square miles and miles squared?

There is no difference. Either way, you a squaring a mile. Square miles and miles squared are the same.

How much is 44000 kilometers squared in miles squared?

44,000 square kilometers is about 16,988.5 square miles.

The difference between the square root of x and squared?

Answer: The difference between the square root of x and squared is either x or -x. Answer: The square root is the inverse function of the square function. That means that it's basically the opposite. Asking for the square root of "x" is like asking "what number must I square to get 'x'".

How many squared kilometers are there in an acre?

1 acre = 0.00404685642 square kilometers

How long is Denmark in squared kilometers?

Denmark's area is 42,925 square kilometers.

What is the difference between ten square kilometers and ten kilometers square?

Ten square kilometers is a total area, while ten kilometers square is giving you the side of the square area. So ten kilometers square is actually ten times ten (100) square kilometers.

How many square kilometers is Brazil?

8,514,877 km squared

What is the difference between 25 cm squared and 25 squared cm?

None because they are both describing the same thing in square cm

What is the difference in size between the Sahara Desert and Antarctica?

Antarctica - 14,000,000 square kilometers or 5,400,000 square miles. Sahara - 9,400,000+Square kilometers or 3,320,000+square miles.

What is the difference between square meters and meters squared?

meters refers to one dimension ie a linemeters squared refers to two dimensions ie a boxAnswerThe symbol for square metre is m2. But it's spoken as 'square metre', not 'metre squared'.

What is 70 percent of 511000000km2 the km 2 means the numbers squared?

357700000 km270% of 511000000 square kilometers= 70% * 511000000 square kilometers= 0.70 * 511000000 square kilometers= 357700000 square kilometers

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