What 3 dimensional shape has 5 faces?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A pyramid

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Q: What 3 dimensional shape has 5 faces?
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3 dimensional geometric shape with 2 pentagon faces and 5 rectangular faces?

10 vertices

What is a 2-d shape with 7 faces?


What three-dimensional shape has 5 faces 8 edges and 5 vertices?

A rectangular pyramid

What shape has 5 faces made up of triangles and rectangles?

The shape is a triangular prism. This is a 3-dimensional polygon with two ends that are triangles and three rectangular sides connecting them.* * * * *FYI, a 3-dimensional polygon is known as a polyhedron.

What is a 3-dimensional geomtric shape that has a total of 5 faces with 4 faces being triangles and the other 1 face being a rectangle?

A rectangular-based pyramid.

What are the properties of a triangular prism?

A 3-dimensional shape. 5 plane faces: 3 rectangular, 2 triangular. Triangular faces parallel to one another. 6 vertices 9 edges

What is a 3 dimensional shape that has 5 faces 3 are small rectangles and 2 are large rectangles?

There isn't: for all faces to be rectangles there have to be 6, of which opposite sides are equal in length and breadth. (A cuboid)

How many vertices is in a tetracontakaioctagon or a 48 sided prism?

The question is rather confused since a tetracontakaioctagon is a 2-dimensional shape whereas a prism is 3-dimensional. Moreover, [3-dimensional] polyhedra are generally named according to the number of faces that they have and, apart from the tetrahedron, the number of vertices is indeterminate. A pentahedron (5- faces) can have 4 or 5 vertices.

How many vertices and faces does a 3 dimensional pyramid have?


What is a 3-dimensional geometric shape that has a total of 5 faces with 2 faces being triangles and the other 3 faces being rectangles?

That shape is called a triangular prism. A prism is made of rectangles arranged in a tube with any 2D shape at the ends. This shape determines what kind of prism it is, you can get pentagonal, hexagonal, and many other types of prism.

Name of 5 sided shape?

A 5-sided 2-dimensional figure is a pentagon and a 5-sided 3-dimensional shape is a pentahedron.

What 3 dimensional figure has 5 faces?

A square based pyramid