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A box is a 3D shape with 6 rectangles (a box could also include squares). The rectangles are: Top/Bottom/Front/Back/Side/Side

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Q: What 3 dimensional shape is made up of 6 rectangles?
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What shape has 5 faces made up of triangles and rectangles?

The shape is a triangular prism. This is a 3-dimensional polygon with two ends that are triangles and three rectangular sides connecting them.* * * * *FYI, a 3-dimensional polygon is known as a polyhedron.

What two dimensional shapes is a rectangular prism made up of?

Of rectangles and squares.

What shape is made up of 6 rectangles and 2 hexagons?

6 rectangles an 2 hexagon * * * * * A hexagonal prism.

What 3d shape is 5 faces and made up of rectangles and triangles?

Triangular Prism

What is a shape made up of trianglesquadrilateralssimi-circles and other two-dimensional figures?

A complex plane shape.

What shape is made up of rectangles that has an area of 20cm squared?

The question needs to be more precise. As stated, the shape can be any polygon with an even number of sides.

What is a three-dimensional shape?

Anything that you can pick up is a three dimensional shape. They are shapes that have a length, breadth and height.

What three dimensional shape is made up of eighteen squares and eight triangles?

It is a 26-hedron and there are more than one configurations for the shape.

What shape is made up of 3 rectangles and 2 triangles?

It is a triangular prism which has 5 faces, 9 edges and 6 vertices

What is The Cubi Series made of?

The Cubi Series is made up of cubes and 3d rectangles. those cubes and rectangles are made of stainless steel.

Is a cube a cuboid?

No, a cuboid has 8 sides * * * * * That is not correct. A cuboid also has six faces. A cuboid is made up of three pairs of congruent rectangles - in the shape of a brick. The relationship between a cube and a cuboid is the 3-dimensional equivalent of the relationship between a square and a rectangle in 2-d.

A flat shape that can be folded up into a three dimensional solid?

A net for the 3D shape.

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