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Q: What Starts with half a dozen add 2 multiply by 3 divide by 4 subtract by 5 what number am i?
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What happens when you add subtract multiply and divide rational numbers?

If you add, subtract or multiply rational numbers, the result will be a rational number. It will also be so if you divide by a non-zero rational number. But division by zero is not defined.

How do you get the percent of change?

Divide the new number by the original number, subtract '1', and multiply by 100.

What number you get when you multiply by 8 subtract 12 divide by 4 add 7 to get 50?

You get 50.

How do you do the first in math skill set 4 game 2?

You have to make make 24 with the 3 numbers they gave you. Once you Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide, you click the answer of the problem's answer and you Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide by the number you have left.

If you divide a number by 6 add 2 multiply by 3 and subtract 5 the result is 10 What is the number?

its 3

Can a negative number be simplified?

No, a negative number cannot be simplified because it is a whole number. Therefore, you can only multiply, divide, subtract, and add it.

What are some mathematical tricks?

Pick any number. Multiply by 6. Add 13. Subtract 7. Divide 3. Divide 2. Then subtract by the original number you chose. Your result will always be 1. Tell a friend to mentaly multiply their age by 2. Tell them to add 14 then divide 2. Ask your friend what number they currently have. Now, you mentally subtract 7 from the number they tell you, then you'll know your friend's age.

Number from 1-9 multiply by 2 add 12 subtract 4 divide by 2?

4 4

What single digit number can you multiply by 4 subtract 3 divide by 5 and add 2 to arrive at the same number that you started with?


What does dmsb stand for in division?

It stands for Divide, Multiply, Subtract, and bring Down. This is used in long division. You divide the number on the left into the one on the right, placing your answer on top of the bracket. Then, you multiply the number on top of the bracket with the number on the left, placing this answer below the right-hand number. You subtract the number on the very bottom from the right-hand number. Then, you bring down the next numeral available underneath the bracket.

Write a number down 1 through 9 multiply by 2 add 12 subtract 4 divide by 2?


Is 98.6 Fahrenheit 37 Celsius?

Yes. To do the calculation by hand you can subtract 32 from the original number, multiply that by 5, and then divide by 9.