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It is 40 degrees

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Q: What angle is the complement of 50 degrees?
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What is the measure of an angle that is the complement of a angle that is 50 degrees?

40 degrees

What is the complement of a 40 angle?

50 degrees

The complement of angle is 10 degrees less than the angle itselffind the angle and its complement?

The angle is 50 and its compliment is 40.

What is the complement of a 50 degree angle?

40 degrees

What is the supplement of the complement of an angle measuring 50 degrees?

140 degrees

A 40 degree angle is the of a 50 degree angle?

A 40 degree angle is the COMPLEMENT of a 50 degree angle.

What is the measure is the angle that is a complement of angle A 40 degree?

90 - 40 = 50 degrees.

What is a complament angle?

The complement to an angle is how much it takes to make 90 degrees. The complement to 30 degrees is 60 degrees. The complement to 45 degrees is 45 degrees.

What is the complement of an angle that measures 40 degrees?

A pair of complimentary angles has a sum that measures 90 degrees. If your first angle is 40 degrees, the complement must equal 50. 90= 40+X 50=X

If an angle has a measure of 41 what is the measure of its complement?

An angle and its complement add to 90 degrees. Hence an angle of 41 degrees has 49 degrees as its complement.

An angle is one half it complement?

No. An angle is (90 minus its complement) degrees. The definition of the complement is "90 degrees minus the original angle".

Find the angle which exceeds its complement by 8 degrees?

Angle + Its Complement = 90 degrees Angle = Its Complement + 8 degrees2*(Its Complement) + 8 degrees = 90 degrees2*(Its Complement) = 82 degreesIts Complement = 41 degreesAngle + 41 degrees = 90 degreesAngle = 49 degrees

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