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Not sure if these are the ones that you are looking for, but here are three:

  1. Parallel lines do not intersect.
  2. Parallel lines lie in the same plane.
  3. parallel lines have the same slope.
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Q: What are 3 characteristics of parallel lines?
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Different interceps are characteristics of two parallel lines?

Yes, parallel lines have different intercepts

What are the characteristics of a rectangle?

2 pair Of parallel lines.

What are the characteristics of two parallel lines?

It depends on which model you are using

What are all the characteristics of a trapizoid?

two pairs of parallel lines

What are the characteristics of parallel lines?

Parallel lines lying in a plane do not intersect each other. They share exactly zero points in common.

What are some examples of characteristics of parallel lines?

well its simple youngster, parallel lines never touch i learned that in the air force

Is y equals 5x plus 3 parallel or perpindicular?

Neither: because one line, by itself, can be neither parallel or perpendicular. These characteristics are relevant only in the context of another line (or lines). The given line is parallel to some lines and perpendicular to others.

Does a hexagon have no parallel sides?

Most hexagons have no parallel lines. A regular hexagon has 3 sets of parallel lines. A hexagon can have 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 parallel lines.

How many parallel lines does a hexagonal prism have?

If the hexagons are regular, it has 3 quartets of parallel lines and one 6-tuple of parallel lines. If the bases are irregular hexagons, it can have six pairs of parallel lines and one 6-truple.

Does a regular hexagon have 3 pairs of parallel lines?

Yes, a regular hexagon has 3 pairs of parallel lines. The opposite sides are parallel.

How many parallel lines and angles does a triangular prism have?

It has 1 set of 3 parallel lines and 3 sets of 2 parallel lines, and 18 angles (3 sides meet at each vertex)

Can a hexagon have 2 pairs of parallel lines?

A hexagon generally has 3 pairs of parallel lines.