What are 3 million nickels worth?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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One hundred fifty thousand dollars.

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Q: What are 3 million nickels worth?
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What is worth more a million nickels or a mile high stack of nickels?

a million nickels

How much is 3 million nickels worth?

A nickel is 5 cents so 3 million would be worth 5*3000000 = 15,000,000 cents, or $150,000

How much is a million nickels worth in dollars?

A million nickels is worth $50,000 in US Dollars. A bag full of a million nickels would weigh 11,023 lbs.

How much is one million nickels worth?


Are there any nickels worth 1 million dollars?

I believe that there aren't any nickels worth 1 million dollars now, that I know of. They will probably make one in the future but now there aren't any nickels worth 1 million dollars now. Also, when you asked if there is a nickel worth a million dollars, remember the worth of a nickel which is only 5 cents.CorrectionMost common circulation nickels are only worth 5 cents but there are older and rarer collectibles that are worth more, in some cases A LOT more. And in fact, there are five nickels that are each worth well over $1 million. These are the famous 1913 Liberty Head nickels that were struck clandestinely by Mint employees using dies that had been prepared for 1913, before the decision to mint Indian head nickels starting that year. The finest known of these coins once sold at auction for over $3 million.

How much is 3 dollars worth nickels?

60 nickels amount to $3.

How many nickels is worth 3 dollars?

60 nickels

How many nickels are in 1 million dollars?

A nickel is worth 5 cents so there are 20 ( = 100/5 ) nickels in one dollar. Thus there are 20 million nickels in $1 million.

How much is a million nickels worth?

$50,000, but they wont fit in your wallet.

How much money is 3 million nickels?


How much are three million nickels worth?

Three million nickels are worth $150,000 at face value.3,000,000 x .05 = 150,000.Fun fact: Since each nickel weighs 5 grams (.1615 troy oz.) the mass of three million nickels would be 15,000 kg., or over 16.5 tons!

How much is 1 million nickels worth?

$50,000It is 5,000,000 or five million cents. Now we know that five million U.S. cents = 50 000 U.S. dollars. The answer could be given in any units, nickels, dimes etc, but dollars is the easiest unit to get a good intuitive idea how much that many nickels is really worth.