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A rectangle is technically a parallelogram and it belongs to the class of polygons known as quadrilaterals

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Q: What are all of the ways a rectangle can be classified?
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What are all of the ways that a rectangle can be classified?

An oblong, a quadrilateral and sometimes a parallelogram

What are all the ways a rectangle can be classified?

By the length of its sides, by its perimeter, by the ratio of its adjacent sides.

How many ways to classify a square?

A square may be classified as a rectangle, a parallelogram, a rhombus, a polygon, and a quadrilateral.

Can a square be classified as a rectangle and a rhombus?

A square can be classified as a rectangle and rhombus because a rectangle is a figure with two pairs of parallel sides and all angles congruent. A rhombus is a square just turned. In conclusion, yes.

True or False: A square is a rectangle?

True, a square can be classified as a rectangle - a rectangle must have 4 - 90° angles and it CAN have 4 equal sides. A rectangle cannot be classified as a square.

Can a square be classified as a rhombus a rectangle and a parallelogram?

Yes, inasmuch that they are all classed as 4 sided quadrilaterals

What is a rectangle with four corner angles?

A square is classified as a rectangle with four corner angles.

Can two congruent triangles form a rectangle?

No it can not you can try all these different ways but it will not work

On what characteristics can all governments be classified by?

political reasons, trade and other ways

Why is a parallelogram considered a square rectangle rhombus and quadrilateral?

Shapes can be classified in many ways. These ways can be general or specific. Of the terms you mentioned, the most general is the quadrilateral. Parallelograms, squares, rectangles and rhombuses are all quadrilaterals (they have 4 sides) but quadrilaterals are not necessarily any of the others. The next classification is the parallelogram, which adds the qualification that opposite sides be parallel. Squares, rectangles and rhombuses are parallelograms, but a parallelogram does not have to be a square, rectangle or rhombus.

Is all square numbers can be arranged into a rectangle?

The Answer:Square numbers, when arranged in a square is aready a rectangle, but otherwise speaking, all square can, since all are divisible by 1 and itself, and if the square root of that perfect square is composite, it can be rearranged into a rectangle as well, in other ways.

Is a rectangle classified as a kite?

No but they both classed as 4 sided quadrilaterals.