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Facts about 12
  • It's a composite number, the smallest number with exactly six divisors.
  • The average human has 12 cranial nerves
  • 12 inches in a foot
  • 12 men have walked on the moon
  • 1 dozen = 12
  • Science: It's the atomic number of magnesium in the Periodic Table
  • The duodenum (from Latin meaning 12) is the first part of the small intestine that is about 12 inches long.
  • Force 12 on the Beaufort wind scale is the maximum wind speed of a hurricane
  • Astronomy: There are 12 starsigns and 12 signs of the Chinese zodiacs
  • Religion: In Christianity there are 12 days of Christmas, in Judaism there are the 12 tribes of Israel, 12 is the age of batmitzvah for a girl, in Hinduism the sun god Surya has 12 names.
  • Time: 12 months in a year, western and Chinese zodiac both have 12 signs, 12 hours in half a day
  • Sport: In both soccer and American football the number 12 can be a symbolic reference to the fans because of the support they give to the 11 players on the field
  • Technology: 12 dialling keys on a telephone including 0 and hash
  • Film: 12 Angry Men, cheaper by the dozen, the dirty dozen
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Q: What are facts about the number 12?
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Facts about number 12?

The factors of the number 12 are 1,2,3,4,6,and 12.

What is some neat stuff about the number or age 12?

Wikipedia has some interesting facts about the number 12. Just type "12" into your search engine.

Are there any special facts about the number twelve?

12 is the sum of 6+6. 12 is the year Titus Vinius was born. 12 is the quantity in a dozen. 12 is an even number. 12 is the number of months in a year.

What are facts about the number 144?

144 = 122 it has many factors, 2,3,4,6,8,9, 12, 16,18,24,36,48,72

What are math facts about the number 12?

* 12 is a composite integer (meaning that it is not prime). * 12 in factor form is 2*2*3. * 12 is an even number. * 12 is divisible by 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12. * 12 is a two-digit number. * 12 is an integer, as well as a real, rational, whole, and natural number.

What are 3 world facts about 13?

It is the successor to the integer 12.It is the predecessor to 14. It is a prime number.

What are negative facts about k 12 in the Philippines?

facts of k 12

What facts about Uranus are there?

The number depends on the definition of 'interesting' but the number of facts is infinite.

What are facts about number 12?

1. There are 12 months in a year. 2. There are 12 hours in face of analogue clock ...changes and the whole Roman civilization ot telling u 12 months ago

What are facts about the number 48?

what kind of facts? Here are some basic ones though It is twice as great as 24 It is four times as great as 12 48 hours is equal to 2days

What are some interesting facts about the number 50?

50 is the smallest number which is the sum of two squares in two different ways. (50 = 52+52 = 12+72)

What are facts about the number 9?

There are many facts about the number 9 including the fact that it is divisible by the number 1. It is also divisible by the number 3.

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