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Q: What are four expressions equivlent to the expression 33y-11y?
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How would you write an verbal expression for 4m to the fourth power?

Four times a variable, named m, multiplied by itself four times. Technically (or pedantically) it is multiplied three times but that is one of the oddities of verbal expressions.

Do All expressions contain variables?

No, not all expressions contain variables. An expression is a mathematical phrase that combines numbers, variables, and mathematical operations. A variable is a symbol that represents a quantity that can vary, such as x or y. Some expressions may only contain numbers and mathematical operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. For example, "3 + 5" is an expression that only contains numbers and the addition operation. However, an expression that contains at least one variable is known as an algebraic expression, and this type of expression is commonly used in algebra to represent mathematical relationships between variables. For example, "2x + 4" is an algebraic expression that contains the variable x and represents a linear equation in which y is equal to two times x plus four.

Is two eighths equivlent to four twelfths?

no, it equals four sixteenths if you want the top to be will have to be multiply by 2 or what you want to multiply it by.remember;multiply both by the same number j.g

Which of the following expressions has four significant figures?


What is the expression for four squared divided by two cubed?

The expression is 42/23

Which expression represents 3 less than four times a?

Let the number be x and so the expression is 4x -3

What are the rules in the four fundamental operations in algebraic expressions?


What expression have four significant figures?


Which of the following expressions has four significant figures 12.54 5.1030 0.0015 or 12500?


How do you write a fraction as a division expression?

A fraction is a division expression. 3/4 = three divided by four

What is the algebraic expression is four times a number?


Who coined the expression the four hundred?

Ward McAllister