What are mathimatical models?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A mathematical model is made up of mathematical equations and data.

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Q: What are mathimatical models?
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What is truncated icosahedron?

it is the mathimatical name for a football.

What is the mathimatical name for a 6 sided polygon?

It is an hexagon

What is the mathimatical name for a number which only has 2 factors?

Prime number

What is the mathimatical name of the shape pqrs?

A quadrilateral shape which has 4 sides

What is the mathimatical equation a x a simplified to?

The answer is 2a because of the two a's equal 2a

Is there a mathematical word that starts with the letter k?

Yes. Kite is a shape. Shapes are mathimatical terms.

What is the unit of hydrometer?

a mathimatical term called a unit of hydrometer is what the study of gravity and other measurements

Why is pi called a mathimatical constant?

Pi represents a number that cannot be changed, therefore its value is constant.

How many 0s does a google have?

Google, or known in mathimatical slang as Googol, is 1 followed by 100 0's.

How does science connect to skateboarding?

to many ways, dude. it's all mathimatical. hope i helped soz it wasnt very helpfull

What does the mathimatical symbol c means?

Either the third side of a triangle or rectangular in trigonometrics, A variable next to A, and B in algebra The speed of light.

How is art and math connected in Islam?

As the pictures of living beings are Haram (prohibited) in Islam, the Muslim arists decorated buildings with Mathimatical and Geometrical figures.