What are some shapes with equal sides?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are a few simple shapes with equal sides. The basic shapes are a square, octagon, and an equilateral triangle,

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Q: What are some shapes with equal sides?
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Does octagon shapes have 8 equal sides?

No, octagons just have to be closed shapes with eight sides - the sides do not have to be of equal length.

What are the similarities for a hexagon with equal sides and a square?

The only similarities between these shapes are that:These shapes have all congruent interior anglesObviously, the shapes are regular and have equal sides.

What shape has not got any equal sides?

Most shapes do not have equal sides. In nature, shapes with equal sides are the exception rather than the rule.

What is the Name of a square with no equal sides?

It isn't really a square if it has no equal sides. A trapezoid can be drawn that has no equal sides, some can have two sides equal. Quadrilaterals include those 4-sided shapes with no sides equal but they also include all other 4-sided shapes. You would need to specify "Quadrilateral with no equal sides".

What shapes has equal sides?

Any regular shapes have equal sides, including squares and equilateral triangles. Irregular shapes can also have equal sides, but not equal angles.

What shapes have their adjacent sides equal?

Any regular polygon. And some irregular polygons which will have some adjacent sides equal - for example, a kite or an arrowhead (chevron).

What shapes are equal to a heptagon?

Any shapes that have seven sides.

Which four- sides shapes have all their sides equal?

A Square

What are the shapes that have 4 equal sides?

The two quadrilaterals with equal sides are the rhombus and square.

What is the names for a shape with equal sides?

Names for shapes that have equal sides are called EQUILATERAL.

What shapes have no right angels and no equal sides?

Circles, some triangles, and irregular polygons

What shape has 4 sides and those sides are equal?

Some shapes having four equal sides include rhombus, square, diamond, parallelogram with four equal sides, and oblique-angled equilateral parallelogram.