What are ten words that mean addition?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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accession, total, sum, increase, increment, in all, altogether, plus....thats all i could think of

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Q: What are ten words that mean addition?
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What does the words In addition mean?

It means "also".

What words in maths mean addition?

The word 'plus' implies the process of addition.

What adds to 10?

Depending on exactly what you mean. There are an infinite combination of numbers that produce the sum of ten. In addition any number can be added to ten.

What does Ten persons Ten colors mean in Japanese proverbs?

"Juunin toiro." Ten people, ten colors; in other words, 'to each his own.'

Synonym of repeated addition?

This is not very helpful but I believe a synonym of repeated addition is multiplication.

Ten other words which mean same as to look?

Scared. Happy. See. Amazed

What is another word for as well as?

"besides" is single words that mean "as well as" . "in addition to", "along with" are phrases with that meaning. "too" and 'also" mean "as well" .

How do you write .0018?

As a number 0.0018 Note the addition of the prefix zero. In words it is said as 'Zero point zero zero one eight'.

What does 8.5022 mean in decimal words?

8.5022 = eight and five thousand twenty-two ten-thousandths.

Which dec word means proceeding by tens?

Some words that use 'dec' to mean by or with ten are:decadedecagramdecahedrondecaloguedecameterdecapoddecasyllabicdecathalondecigramdeciliterdecimaldecimeter

What does written form mean in math?

Written form means you have to write your answer in words, not numerals: ten, not 10.

What does the word total in math mean as in what is the total of 6 and ten?

Like, what would be the amount, the answer. So like the total of six and ten would be sixteen. The total is the answer to addition problem, just like the product is the answer to a multiplication problem.