Best Answer squared: 49ers 2. Marine mammals: dolphins 3. Proud Americans: patriots 4. 747s: jets 5. Black birds: ravens 6. Dollar for corn: buccaneers 7. Sunburned people: redskins 8. Suntanned people: browns 9. Lone star residents: texans 10. Young male horses: colts 11. Expensive British cars: jaguars 12. Greek mythological giants: titans 13. Rodeo horses: broncos 14. Native American leaders: chiefs 15. Hostile attackers: raiders 16. Credit card users: chargers 17. Cattle drivers: cattle drivers: cowboys 18. Army insects: giants 19. Thieves: steelers 20: Grizzlies: bears 21. Kings of the jungle: lions 22. Suitcase stuffers: packers 23. Six roman rulers: Vikings 24: peregrine Birds of Prey: falcons 25. Pink cartoon detectives: panthers 26. Patrick and valentine: saints 27. Used to be girls: bengals 28. Red birds: cardinals 29. Dodge trucks: rams 30. IOUs: bills 31. Ocean birds: Seahawks 32. Bald bird: eagles

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Q: What are the answers for football brain strainer page 1 and 2?
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