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Real numbers which cannot be written in (a/b) form are called as Irrational Numbers like √3, √5,√2 etc. Now, we discuss applications of irrational numbers:

1. Use of pi(π) : pi is an irrational number which is use in many purpose in math like:

Area of circle = π * r2 where pi (π) = 3.14 and r is a radius.

Circumference of circle = π * d where d is a diameter of circle,

2. Use of exponential (e): e is an irrational number which is used in many parts of math-.

3. Use of cube root: cube root is basically used to find out area and perimeter of cube and cuboids because both have three dimension structures.

4. Use of irrational number to find out domain: irrational numbers are use to find out domain of particular function. For instance, domain of a function lies between 2 and 3 then we can represent them as √5. Similarly when domain lie between 1 and 2 then we represent them as √2 and between 3 and 4, we can represent them as √11 etc.

So, irrational numbers are used in finding approx value of any real measurement because it is difficult to find out exact value of real measurement. Irrational numbers are calculating non terminating point of function.

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Q: What are the application of irrational numbers?
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