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The Nike Mecurial Elite series (Nike mercurial vapor, superfly,glide,miracle,victory,T90 laser lll,tempo legend,and ctr360).
i think its your own opinion really and what u think u need from a football boot the most, if u wants speed then Nike mercurial vapor's or puma v.108 or f50 adizero's are your best options, power then the Adidas predators or Nike T90 laser lll are the ones to go for, touch is really Nike tempo legend or the Adidas adipure's. i think Nike mercurial vapor VI or Nike mercurial superfly are the best options they are very light. and are made of three components to speed carbon fiber, Fiber glass ,and flywire .the The vapors have a lace cover and fiber glass but no flywire or carbon fiber those are what the superflys are made of at 7.2 ounces and 8.0 ounces for the vapors. But if you want light speed try the f50 adizeros at 5.0 ounces.

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Q: What are the best football boots in the world?
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