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different ways in describing relation in math?

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Q: What are the diff ways of describing a relation in math?
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What are the ways in describing a function?

A formula or graph are two ways to describe a math function. How a math function is described depends on the domain of the function or the complexity of the function.

Different ways of describing a relation?

by congruence, difference, or by identifying w/c is greater or less

What is a math concept?

A math CONCEPT is a fancy way of describing the different ways and things you can and can't do in math. A math Concept can be 5!. That in term equals 5*4*3*2*1, which then = 120.

What are the 3 ways of describing a set?


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What are the different ways of presenting relation and function?

A function is a relation where one variable specifies a single value of another variable. Presenting relation and function can be done different ways including verbal, numerical, algebraic, and graphical.

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Different ways to represent relation or function?


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